Discover How Reserve with Google Bookings Can Fill Up Your Calendar!

Offering effortless online booking is a must to increase your customer base. By enabling Reserve with Google, you can convert leads straight from Google Search and Maps.

When people search for services in your area, or your business specifically, they’ll find a convenient ‘Book’ button in your Google Business Profile. Outshine competitors by giving leads a direct path to your Booking Page while they compare online.

How does Reserve with Google work?

Reserve with Google directs engaged leads from Google Search and Maps to book online. Having your Booking Page readily accessible from several channels helps to keep your calendar full.

Your leads simply click the ‘Book’ button to confirm an appointment independently. This reduces the need to call, email or even visit your website to reserve your time. Learn how about Reserve with Google signup and activation in our illustrated support article.

1) Increase conversions

Standing out from the competition is no easy task. Having an optimized Google Business Profile boosts visibility of your business on Search and Maps. But with a ‘Book’ button from Reserve with Google, you can also convert traffic into new clients.

Research shows 97% of consumers researching a service look for local businesses (WebFX). By providing accurate and detailed information on your Google Business Profile, such as your contact details, website, operating hours, and customer reviews, you increase your chances of being discovered.

Picture this: Someone new is in town for a big event and they desperately need a sharp haircut. By setting up your Google Business Profile and offering a seamless online booking process, you can be the hero they’re searching for. They’ll find it super easy to take that final step and secure an appointment at your barbershop.

By capturing potential customers’ interest the moment they express it, you don’t risk losing their attention to competition. Connect them easily from search to scheduling an appointment using Reserve with Google.

2) Easy booking

Tech is all about making life easier, right? With Reserve with Google, you unlock a game-changing advantage: simple online booking processes.

Let’s say you own a zen yoga studio. Potential yogis in your area could easily find your business from Search or Maps and see a ‘Book’ button. They can reserve a slot in one of your classes.

No need to navigate through multiple websites or make phone calls to secure a spot.

With a smooth booking experience, you increase the chances of transforming leads into loyal customers. This simple route eliminates the need for calls, drop-ins or emails. And, the speed and ease of booking will leave a lasting impression from the very first appointment.

3) Mobile-optimized experience

88% of searches for businesses on mobile lead to a store visit, phone call, or sale within 7 days (BusinessDIT). This makes it crucial to cater to the growing number of mobile users.

Provide frictionless scheduling for customers who prefer booking appointments on handheld devices. With just a few taps, people can browse available time slots, select a date and time, and secure an appointment, all from the palm of their hand.

With a mobile-friendly approach, Reserve with Google and with the whizzQ appointment booking mobile app, you can manage your calendar from anywhere.

4) Streamlined management

All Reserve with Google bookings automatically sync to your whizzQ calendar, eliminating the need for manual entry.

If you provide a home repair service, you’re always on the go. Taking time out of your busy schedule to manually enter appointments into your calendar cuts into your bookable hours. With Reserve with Google, you can focus on completing jobs while new bookings drop into your calendar in real-time.

Connect Google Calendar so your appointment availability accounts for all of your events. Automation maintains an accurate and up-to-date schedule, reducing the risk of double bookings or missed appointments.

Reservations on the rise

The Reserve with Google integration unlocks a world of possibilities by simplifying your booking process. Empower your business to thrive in a digital landscape where convenience and accessibility reign supreme.

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Happy scheduling!