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Use our intelligent system whizzQ to manage customer queues smartly, saves time, enhance service performance, support social distancing & better customer experience.

Why whizzQ

whizzQ is a smart solution build for Business owners, Service providers and their customers to shorter waiting time, reduced workload, monitor & manage long queues in real time, enhance productivity & gain customer satisfaction.

Identify customer's arrival time in advance

You can always treat your customers well if you know when they will come to your place. Greet them with full energy and right information .

Manage availability
You can scan calendars to check availability of booking slots and can allow new bookings based upon that. In this way, you can effectively balance customers service and other priorities tasks.
Transparency with customers
whizzQ helps you to win your customer’s trust to keep them up-to-date on changes happening within your service.
Effective work distribution

No burden on single service provider,each service provider have balance work to manage all customers effectively

Crowd Controlling

Crowd controlling means using this feature you can control the crowd of customer. you can manage your business very properly with scheduling and queuing. so, using this feature you can build your customer’s loyalty.

Instant slot booking

No matter where you are,just open Schedmad app and check available slots for your desire service to book quickly

Real time updates

Save your valuable time by having notification on your fingertip , Whether queue is taking too longer or it is on track that helps you to manage other priorities

Unique id for each booking

Do not need to worry about mentioning your presence at service provider place . Just checkin with unique code to mark your presence.

How To Use

Step 1

Get slot in advance

Step 2

Receive unique number

Step 3

Show your presence digitally

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